Slot machine

Slot machine is just a free game, you participate to receive free Pirl coin from Airdrop and then use the slot machine for fun.

Each time you use the slot machine, you will pay 5 Pirl coins to participate in the game. You will get the following rewards

To join the game, please click on the link below:
Game 1:

5Pirl is paid for playing 1 game; each game has 6 winning combinations. 

Cherries =15Pirl, Bananas =30Pirl, Guava =60Pirl, Oranges =120Pirl, Bar =240Pirl, "777" 480Pirl. 

Each combination has a probability of 1/216, ~0.46% - if you play 216 games, you pay 1080Pirl, and you may expect to win 480+240+120+60+30+15 = 945Pirl. So the balance is 945/1080 = 87.5%. The owner of the casino gets 12.5% profit, but statistically. In practice, this may be more or less. May be negative.

Game 2:

In the future we will develop 10 to 20 games to earn with SkyPirl coin.