About SkyPirl (Pirl) 

xTER SafeContainer is a Linux-driven technology for containerization of a complex pre-configured software, such as media or database server or AI, with strong protection against unauthorized access or any external attack. It has been continuously developed since 2008 by a tiny group of developers, based in Moscow, Russia.

PirlGuard is a modified Proof of Work consensus algorithm inspired by the Horizen penalty system that protects the blockchain from virtually all 51% attacks. To protect the blockchain, PirlGuard penalizes any unreviewed nodes that attempt to pair with network nodes. It does this by convicting uninterested people for mining a defined amount of penalty blocks. This security measure greatly reduces the chance of a successful attack to about 0.03%. It has been in continuous development since 2017 by a small team of developers based in Europe.

Who  we are?

PIRL was created in 2017 with the desire to be accessible to all and to be able to take advantage of Blockchain technologies and these assets without necessarily being gifted in IT.

PIRL therefore implements various functionalities for decentralized file storage, communication, entertainment and commerce protected by Escrow for the general public. Applications such as Room-House.com, PirlChat, PirlTube , PirlWallet, PirlGuard, xTer SafeContainer , Decentralized social network Pirl… are emerging. This is why a strong community is created around PIRL. Its motto; PIRL by the people, for the people! During these years PIRL, which only seeks to become a better tool, easy to use for these users. We changes the algorithm in November 2020 and stops the mining, for a more innovative system. nPoS (nominated proof-of-stake) is based on the same framework that makes Polkadot work: substrate.

Pirl does not stop there and intends to become an essential reference for the general public with these applications in the Blockchain. This is why we surround ourselves with majeur partners who want to take advantage of our technology to progress together towards a bright future. Rome is not built in a day, neither is Pirl. This is why the whole community advances towards the same goal with the determination to create a solid ecosystem and that all roads lead to PIRL.

On February 19, 2021, Pirl CEO Mr.Dubs announced his departure from the project, ending the Pirl chain.

On July 23, 2021. xTerSafecontainer team Hardfork from Pirl chain to SkyPirl chain. With the desire to restore the Pirl project and call on everyone to return to the project. So you will get 1Pirl coin=1SkyPirl coin

Project recovery diagram

Pirlchat + PirlTube + Room-House.com = Decentralized social network Pirl

PIRL coin specifications

The Pirl blockchain will be used to run smart contracts using ink! 3.0. User interfaces and online decentralized features are developed to be executed on nodes, These nodes ensureing that there will be no single point of failure or control by large cloud providers. The Pirl network will be a network of users with no centralized authority.

Algorithm: nPOS

Time between block: 12sec

Network ID: PIRL

Github: GitHub - kl3eo/SkyPirl

Room-House.com SkyPirl Pirl Rumhaus