Welcome to SkyPirl 2.0

SkyPirl is a nPOS ( nominated Proof Of Stake ) community based blockchain with decentralized governance. The community decide the direction of the chain.

The governance is in the hands of Pirl community, all in-chain they can drive the direction of it. Safe, Transparent, Decentralized. 

Treasury is 100% decentralized controlled by the community. Treasury will allow funding for every project that want to build on top of Pirl 2.0. Treasury get 80 % of network transaction fees. 

The core of nPOS algorithm is running validators, initially started with 100 slots available. Reward generated by the chain and 20% of transactions fees. 

Nominators secure the chain adding stake on top of the Validator. They earn a percentage of the reward by locking PIRL in the chain. 

All accounts actions are available using online explorer dashboard, enabling cross device compatibility without compromise. 

R-H is a decentralized online meeting platform that allows many people to be connected over long distances.

PirlChat is a completely decentralized and encrypted messaging system.

Unlike most traditional communication apps in PirlChat there is zero exposure. The messages don’t rely on any middleware or centralized servers.

With PirlChat you can preserve your private data and communications.

Completely out of the reach of hackers and large corporations interested in trading personal (private) information.

PirlTube is a decentralized social network that allows users to share and upload videos on the platform.

The community to join hands to share love with the difficult and unfortunate lives and so that everyone has more opportunities to get closer together for a bigh.

is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the xTer SafeContainer, tampering and theft is not possible.

The PirlGuard security protocol greatly deters attackers from attempting malicious peering giving the main network a much needed boost in security. 

Decentralized Cloud Computing.


PirlApp is a decentralized app marketplace that allows users to search and download apps and games to their mobile devices.


PirlSearch is one of the leading decentralized information search engines developed by SkyPirl corporation. Users can find all information on the Internet, from political, social, media, press, ... or even personal information.


is a decentralized exchange market in which all activities take place directly between users without depending on intermediary services to store and manage suspended customer assets.

Your account will not be locked, you have freedom of speech, no one can interfere with your account.

PirlPay – A unique feature of “PirlPay” is that any store on the internet can implement it as a checkout option. This means that even if something is being sold for fiat, the gateway will calculate the amount of PIRL equal to the fiat asking price, and transfer that amount of PIRL to the seller.

PIRL is a nPOS ( nominated Proof Of Stake ) community based blockchain with decentralized governance. The community decide the direction of the chain.


is a type of blockchain bridge that allows transferring assets between different blockchain networks. This is achieved by creating tokens on one blockchain network to represent an asset on another network.

as a cross-chain decentralized exchange, you can swap PIRL coins at a 1:1 ratio to ccPIRL or wPIRL



Contact [SkyPirlNew@gmail.com] to get more information on the project.

SkyPirl network is a green blockchain, that loves animals, is friendly to the environment and nature.

SkyPirl network is a self-sustaining and self-funded blockchain ecosystem not financed by pre-mined coins or an ICO.